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IP Data – Keeping it clean, with a sheen.

by Olly Johnson

If you haven’t taken a close look at your organisations address book or general database lately, you aren’t alone. Between cleaning your inbox, your car, and your cats litter tray, there are lots of physical and digital assets that need to be maintained. As we all know, in the IP world, data is extremely important and incorrect or inconsistent data can create a host of problems. Therefore, keeping data clean is extremely important Here are a few tips from our experience on what may help!

1. Duplicate and incomplete

Duplicate data can occur from having multiple inputs that repeat the same information, such as two contact entries for the same person or organisation. While building, consolidating, and even checking your data, always remove duplicates and fill in incomplete fields where possible.

2. Maintain a Style Sheet

Human efforts are essential for data quality. One way to make data entry easy and maintain consistency, is by introducing naming conventions. I’ve noticed that many different systems can have a whole host of formats for their contact data. For example, you see country names in different formats such as GB, UK, Great Britain and the United Kingdom. This is avoidable by creating a list of abbreviations and standard data entry formats for data items. Having this standardised format helps greatly when generating accurate reports based on exact criteria.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Missing Data

Do look for missing data elements like a missing phone number or missing postal code in the address book. Adding missing data as and when you see it is a lot easier than having to go through the entire system and then look for what’s missing.

4. Enhance Your Data

Without enhancing your existing data, you limit your data’s potential. There is no such thing as too much data and keeping additional information on the record will help you in several ways. Enhancing your data ensures accuracy, helps build holistic and useful reports and helping you keep in contact with clients and prospects.

5. Verify incoming data

Ensure that your organisation always double checks the basic data with the client. At each interaction with your client, you could check to make sure there are no duplicate records in your case management system. Have them double-check identifying information such as name, telephone number or official dates and numbers.

We here at Equinox pride ourselves on having a user friendly and intuitive IP management system, aiming to combine this with a well-established and helpful support team to ensure data cleaning doesn’t have to be the task you leave until it’s too late!

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Zvia Or     2nd November 2017

You read my mind. The problem of consistent data starts when too many users in the same organization are entering info into the data base, each with his own mind format. Thank you for providing coherent and easy to handle fields.

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