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Equinox Expansion: Growing from 3 to 10 in a year

by Tom Parish

This time a year ago, the Equinox team comprised of 3 people. 3 directors to be precise. Myself, our MD Justin and our Technical Director Sam. Since then we have been on a rollercoaster of a year; we literally haven’t stopped! We’ve been pushing the company harder than ever in every direction by adopting a new “if it’s better than before then just do it” attitude. This, and our ever-increasing client base, has enabled us to rapidly build the firm in to the 10 person unit it is today. In this blog article I want to share with you some of the methodologies we’ve used to help us grow and develop as a company, whilst maintaining our strong company values and ethos.

Speed is important

It’s very easy to over-plan, over-complicate and over-think processes and projects at work. In doing so things can quite quickly become overwhelming and, to be honest, a bit disheartening. We’ve experienced this a lot in the past. Spending months developing the perfect sales process will never get you any sales. Weeks around a white board designing new features will never get them built. Of course, planning is important, but we’ve realised over the last year that this step can end up taking way too much time, and we are now incredibly proactive. We are always keen to get building things, and plan as we go.

Perfection is impossible

I know what you’re thinking, “But Tom, what about your beard?”, and I would have to say you raise a valid point. Jokes aside we’ve made this mistake many times in the past. Our last website release took over 2 years, and it was for this exact reason. Whether it’s publishing an article, releasing a new feature or pressing the incredibly scary ‘send to all’ button during an e-mail marketing campaign, you need to have confidence in what you’re sharing with the world and actually get the job done. Sure, additions and improvements can be made down the line, but we have found that striving for perfection can often lead to severe delays, especially when everyone perceives ‘perfection’ differently. Proof reading and testing is of course essential (especially in software), but so is development and progression, so it’s important to keep the ball rolling. In January, I started building the next Equinox website. We now have a release date scheduled for the end of April. Will it be perfect? No. But it will be great, and I can settle for great!

Involve everyone in ‘the buzz’

If you’re doing great and exciting things in the office, make sure everyone else knows about it! I’m confident that every member of the Equinox Team is just as excited as I am about our future (I’m sure they’ll let me know in the comments section if I’m wrong) and the buzz this creates at work is brilliant! We’ve noticed that when there is a buzz the productivity levels are sky high. I’ll use my website example again. This is an exciting new project incorporating our new image and product range. Sure, I’m taking the lead on it, but I have Olly our head of support helping with content, Paula our Bus Dev helping with CSR and even Barney our apprentice building videos. It generates a real sense of teamwork in the office, all working towards a common goal and all seeing our combined efforts turn in to a single, tangible result!

With more recruits on the way, and as we continue to work closely with our subscribers to develop our flagship product ‘Equinox’, we cannot wait to see what the future has to offer! To all our new staff; Paula, Olly, Sam, Barney, Josh, Chris and Nikki, keep up the fantastic work!


Fiona Cockburn     8th January 2018

Tom, please can you come and see us and give us an inspirational speech, loved your pearls of wisdom, I'm going to take your comments on board.

Zvia Or     2nd November 2017

That's the way, aha, aha, I like it, aha, aha !

Emily Nicholson     6th April 2017

I see an essential member of the WAL team missing from the sofa!

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